birthMy husband and I are in our mid-thirties. We have been married since January 2003; we have been purposefully trying to conceive since April 2007. I had a miscarriage in June 2008; our baby was considered a blighted ovum, stopped growing at 7 weeks, and I miscarried at 12 weeks. We felt it was a girl, and named her Serenity, partly because the Serenity Prayer played such a big part in that pregnancy, knowing a couple weeks before our loss that the pregnancy didn’t look good.

We underwent infertility testing in April 2010, and I was told that my FSH (follicle-stimulating hormone) was a bit elevated (9.9). Clomid wouldn’t work; injectable fertility treatments were recommended. We declined.

In August of 2011, after many months of prayer, we both agreed to begin the process to adopt. We too some time, and had finished our paperwork in early November. We were in contact with the agency and were preparing to send our paperwork in the first week of November.

On Tuesday, November 8, 2011, my cycle was one week late. I had had a few odd cycles, though I’m usually quite regular, and thought it might have been related to the high FSH, which can be a sign of early perimenopause. I was so sure that it was something like that, so sure that I didn’t even wait until my husband came home from work to take a pregnancy test; other times I always tested when he was right there with me.

Boy, was I surprised when I saw two VERY bright pink lines on that test. It didn’t sink in until I tested twice more. It was the longest two hours to wait to tell my husband when he got home, and I couldn’t tell anyone before then!

At one day shy of 39 weeks, in mid-July 2012, after 6-10 hours of labor (depending on whether you count the first 2-3 hours when we thought it might be Braxton-Hicks), I gave birth to our son naturally with no medical interventions (thanks to the Bradley Method and my husband). He was perfectly formed, and such an unexpected miracle! He is more precious than I ever could have imagined! I cherish every moment — yes, even the dirty diapers and late-night feedings.

And now we’ve been blessed with another baby boy, born in early September 2014! He was born at home, an amazing water birth with two midwives and a doula in attendance. It was an amazing experience!