It's Friday!

Okay, so I’m not knocking being a mom. I love it! I just thought this was cute.

And it’s true! Here it is, Friday night, and I’m still up late washing bottles, doing dishes, and putting laundry away. My husband does a fantastic job and helps out a TON, but I just seem to clean better at night.

Not just because the baby keeps me busy during the day. I’ve always had a penchant for cleaning at night. When I was a teenager I’d clean my room most efficiently at night. Weird, right? I just get really motivated at night.

Plus, I never really went through nesting while I was pregnant. I kept waiting for the nesting to kick in, but it never did. I feel like it finally kicked in a few weeks after I gave birth, and now I’m just constantly doing something to clean up or organize.

Funny how having a baby does that to ya! :o)