Guest post from my hubby!


Parts needed are 3mm cord, Spring Loaded Round Toggle Stop Cord Locks, Double Holes Plastic Lanyard Cord Locks, and Cap Cord Locks

* Measure and cut the 3mm cord to the length needed

* Thread the cord through a cap. Tie a very tight knot at the end and pull the knot into the cap. I opted to use the supplied cap, but I put a dab of glue to prevent it from coming off if played with or chewed on.

* Thread the single hole toggle cord stop on to the cord

* Thread the end into one side of the double hole cord lock and pull some excess through

* Thread the end into the other hole of the cord lock. When you are done you’ll have a resizable loop.

* Now put the other cap on the end of the cord and your lock is done. Enlarge your loop, place it around the knobs, tighten down the double hole lock and then slide the single hole lock up to meet the double hole. This will prevent the cord from slipping and lock it in place keeping the cabinets closed.

# If don’t have a side by side cabinet you can still use these. Get some cable tie sticky back mounts and some short cable ties. Stick the mount in place, thread the cable tie through the holes, and now thread the cable tie through the cord loop. Tighten down the tie and now you’ll have the other side of the loop free to lock your cabinet. Click below the cut for the parts to get!

3mm cord
Toggle stops
Double hole cord locks
Cap cord locks
Cable tie mounts
Cable ties

Final product: