My sweet baby boy is 12 weeks old today! I can hardly believe it!

Just Monday he laughed out loud for what I believe was the first time. Now, he’s giggled before. But this was a full-out laugh. He was still sleeping, and initially I thought it was the beginning of a cry. But when I looked closer, he laughed again. And then he woke up slightly, and laughed again as I cuddled him. It was fantastic!

Four weeks ago today he smiled, socially. Granted, he’d been smiling since birth — not gas, but smiling to himself — but then he started smiling AT us, in response to us. He’d done it a few times before even four weeks ago today, but I wasn’t absolutely sure (and it was only a few days before). That date, four weeks ago today, was definite because I watched him smile and interact with his daddy.

And I CANNOT get enough of his smile. It’s addictive. His gummy little smile. His eyes lighting up. It’s fantastic!

I love my son. SO. VERY. MUCH.

So much more than I ever dreamed possible! He’s turned my world around, and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

I love being a mom.

Happy 12 weeks, Baby A! It’s been 12 of the most amazing weeks of my life thus far. I love you!