Recently I got to try some new Glade Expressions Collection products* through BzzAgent, a website that lets you try new products and spread the buzz about them.

I got to try the fragrance mist (I chose Cotton & Italian Mandarin) and the oil diffuser (I tried Lavender & Juniper Berry).

Okay, I am seriously impressed! Glade Expressions are not your run-of-the-mill home fragrance products that smell for just a little while. These scents pack a punch!

I sprayed Glade Expressions Cotton & Italian Mandarin fragrance mist in our baby’s bathroom, and HOURS later, every time I walked by, it smelled great! We use cloth diapers, and though our wet bag holds up to the smell pretty well, it can start to get a little stinky around the third day when we wash the diapers. With one spritz of Glade, all I could smell was cotton and mandarin ALL DAY! Apparently cloth diapers are no match for the long-lasting scent of Glade!

Even the oil diffuser, which is adorable, has serious long-lasting fragrance! We have the Lavender & Juniper Berry. It’s in our kitchen, and even covers the scent of garlic which lingers after cooking. I highly recommend these products!

glade glade-spray-1 glade-spray-2 glade-diffuser

Click here for $2 off the fragrance mist.

Click here for $4 off the oil diffuser.

* Disclosure: I did not receive any compensation for this review. I received these products free to try.